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Here is a preview of work you will see at the Salon d’Hiver 2021

This Streetcar collection was featured at the Westmount Gallery in June 2021.

Our partner in crime Tony Batten had a great response to his Toronto streetcar scenes. He recently passed away and we created a small show within a show to honour him. These paintings are online this month at the Westmount Gallery. A portion of all sales of Streetcar paintings will be donated to The Thomas Fisher Rare book library at the University of Toronto and the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto where Tony was a member for many years.

Here is the link to the video of the opening:

Kim Atkins

Plein air painting is the best way I think to see and capture a subject. Sitting in front of a beach or a mountain in any season gives me everything I need to know to start working. This way you spend the time. See the light and shadows. The colours in the sky. And a composition takes form. 

Heidi Burkhardt

Landscape art has been one of the most popular genres for centuries. It continues to thrive, especially in Canada, where spectacular landscape has been a tradition with its artists. I was indoctrinated with this subject at a young age and remain a devoted plein air painter of the diverse natural beauty around us.

Kat Palmer

Landscape painting is about all the senses for me. It is how a natural setting makes one feel. The feeling of being slightly overwhelmed and out of focus on a bright and blazing hot day, the respite one feels stepping away from the heat into the cool, mysterious shadows of the forest or the challenge and foreboding of the high ridge line. 

Maurice Snelgrove
I have been painting watercolours for more than 50 years, both in my studio and plein air on location during extensive travels from coast to coast to coast in Canada, including the Yukon, Nunavut Arctic, Greenland and the Northwest Territories.  I paint landscapes both on paper and canvas and I hope you can feel my love of the outdoors and concerns for our environment manifested in them.

Here are a few of the works in the Westmount Gallery show:

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